Syrian Scientific Research Centre smoldering after being hit by airstrikes

Syrian Scientific Research Centre smoldering after being hit by airstrikes

The Syrian Centre for Scientific Research on the northeastern edge of Damascus was still smoldering on Saturday after it was hit by airstrikes overnight.


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  1. The123erfg

    We are all up in arms against syria for allegedly gasing its civilians(we still dont know exactly who did it) but ive seen absolutly zero coverage of the fact U.S weapons, purchased with U.S tax dollars, that have now been sold to Saudi Arabia are being used by the Saudi government to commit a genocide in Yemen.

  2. a mistake

    Hillary was sending out US documented Emails to other countries, then she deleted them afterwards.
    She would of started a world war long before Trump did and got us slaughtered. A war was going to start anyway because tension between countries has been building up since the 1990's. Grow up, Hillary supporting feminists, and dry your salty tears with her illegal deleted Emails.
    I do not care what Russia threatens us with, Because we will fight till the death and still win. Syira deserved what they got, because of the things they did to children hospitals, walking in and gas bombing them, and then killing woman and children with deadly gas bombs? America is trying to save next victims of attacks like that. And where is Putin to stop all of this? No where. He thinks America is hotheaded and wants to start wars, so he's taking this chance to pick on us. I find it immature.

  3. Sadie Geise Kernow

    The rubble could be anything tbh.
    How are we to know?
    They can spin us any yarn they care to,as they do.
    I am simply thankful there do not appear to have been major civilian casualties.
    Russia acted with great restraint and I thank them for that.
    In 50 years,when nobody cares,the truth may come out.

  4. KerY 1

    Gyönyörű! Gratulálok az Amerikai miniszterelnöknek, hogy egyben civil emberek lakóhelyét is elpusztítja, és ilyenkor hol vannak az Oroszok? Nem robbantgatniuk kéne az Amerikaiaknak, hanem levadászni katonai egységekkel a azokat a nyomorult férgeket, akik a saját népükben képesek kárt tenni (ezesetben vegyi támadással)!

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