Trump slams CNN, calls reporter ‘rude, terrible person’

Trump slams CNN, calls reporter ‘rude, terrible person’

President Donald Trump scolded CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a press conference the day after the midterm elections.


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  1. Bonnie Robinson

    Trump is a coarse and common man, who doesn't understand that the reporter is doing his job. Sadly this is what our president is. Hopefully America will do better the next time. Until then, thank God for the press so we see who Trump is. Hopefully we won't be tricked again.

  2. ray bon

    The democrats won the house. Which in d.c. politics. Is prob the baseball equivillant of the bleachers….Lloll.They are far away from anything that matters. they are going to, throw beer and popcorn on the field and fight each other That by 2019, there's no guarantee they wil even vote on party lines.

  3. NATAS 23

    Trump is a disgrace to this country and all you people who love him are so full of hate and racism its pathetic😭

  4. Shawn S

    MAGA was extremely successful yesterday!!! We have a lead in the Senate that no democrat obstruction can stop.

    As to the house…consider this…….

    Obama lost 63 seats in the house in his first midterm. Bill Clinton lost 56. Trump lost under 40, with the entire media attacking him 24/7/365. Where’s that “Blue Wave”? With the age of the democrats’ leadership, it’s more like a “Blue HAIR” wave!

    So where are the demon-rats to argue the facts now!

  5. John Carter

    The President calls it an invasion,millions of people call it an invasion so Jim Acosta no one gives a s#%t what you call it.I wonder how many illegals Jim Acosta has personally volunteered to sponsor or be personally responsible for ,financially and criminally?It is a fact that MS13 gang members are in among these illegals.Maybe Jim Acosta wants to go to Kathryn Stienie’s parents and tell them he will vouch for all of them.The left has gone completely insane simply because they laughed at the probability of him becoming President and now they look like idiots.the left is literally every thing they accuse the President of being…it’s the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed,pitiful..oh yea and while you are foaming at the mouth,calling him every name you can think of and fighting every step he takes,he has built the best economy this nation has had in decades without the left lifting a finger to help…I guess success is the best form of revenge and the President is making you look like the fools you are…

  6. Jeff Lanter

    The press is becoming manipulative just to get a story. I'm beginning to believe they may be responsible for further dividing the Dems and Republicans, especially when they bait someone just to get a charge out of them.

  7. Fire Child

    Wow! What kind of President interrupts by saying, "here we go?" Not to mention the way he acted during the other questions! It was INSANE to watch! This is the President of the United States??? Pleeeeeeeeeease hurry up and serve your term Trump, so we can get a President who ACTS DIGNIFIED AND HUMBLE no matter what questions reporters may ask . President Obama said that the media(NOT JUST CNN) are hard core, but he NEVER acted rude towards them AT ALL! I am ashamed of what this Country has become in the last 2 years. SAD!

  8. Zech Merquise

    He said “one more” and trump even answered that (russian question) when he didn’t have to but then continued to ask ANOTHER question. AND then he stood up again when the other reporter started talking. Unbelievable ! Damn rude as hell!

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