Why Trump will not release his tax returns

Why Trump will not release his tax returns

In his first press conference after the midterms, President Trump repeated his claim that he cannot release his tax returns even with Democrats controlling the House. Here’s why.


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  1. Jim Knittle

    Who cares about his taxes. He makes 1 dollar a yr to make America into a great country quit hatting cause he's done more than Obama and bush ever did. How is it that unemployment is so low. That's the economy rising this guy makes money let him do the same with your country or do you like being broke. Or your all just lazy and Trump is taking your excuses away by making jobs so you hate on him.

  2. saul romero

    remember last time the news was menstruating over trump not showing his tax returns? then whe showed it and proved there was nothing wrong. now its time for round two since they are always on trumps dick.
    ps dont misunderstand, im not a trump supporter but god damn the media looks for every little thing to start shit with the guy

  3. 1

    He's been audited 30 times, and the IRS never found a problem. He has said he would release them when his supporters asked, but we don't have any reason to see them. No way he's doing anything just because idiot Libtards want it done.

  4. Go ast

    It's not about the tax returns. Its about the integrity of the office. Lies, lies, lies. This is the same guy who beat Obama every chance he got, for years, about a birth certificate. Its about the Hippocracy.

  5. Chris Barnes

    There is far worse problems in this country than crying about trump's tax returns, but the mentality Ill liberals are worried about the wrong things. Never mind Obama wasnt even born in the USA or Hillary's negligence that got those people killed in Benghazi. God damn liberals are fukking sick.

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